Hello! I'm Stacey Sprenz. Thank you for visiting my website.  I am a North Carolina based food photographer. 
Whether you've stumbled upon this site through Google or are visiting intentionally, I hope you will take a look at my portfolio section. Food photography is more than photos of beautifully plated meals.  To me, it begins with a deep passion for our food communities and the people who create and cultivate them. 

My interest in food started early in my life.  My family lived in the suburbs, but we had an enormous yard which my parents converted into a vegetable garden, rhubarb patch, and strawberry patch.  Later a few fruit trees and grapes were added. The expectation was that weekends were spent in the garden--helping plant, weed, and harvest. Although I often resisted helping out (it was hot, dirty work!), I did enjoy the bounty we grew.  There are several aging photo albums that contain many photos of me holding up large bunches of carrots, standing in front of a table full of freshly dug new potatoes, and bent over the strawberry patch gathering the ripest, sweetest berries. This all gave me an immense appreciation for the energy and time that goes into what we eat. So I would say my interest in food began with the wonder of putting a seed in the ground, tending to it, and later eating the delicious results.

Food was part of every family gathering, including weeknight meals. Food memories are one of the strongest memories we have, in my opinion. Photos were also part of every large family gathering.  I think growing up in the intersection of food, family, and photography helped shaped what I do today.

I like to say that I build my food community "one photo at a time." To me, being a food photographer means I get the opportunity to photograph everything food related.  I work with farmers to capture farm life and the bounty of the land. I work with chefs and restauranteurs to capture delicious, creative dishes and beautiful spaces. I work with product makers to capture quality images of their products for building their brand. I work with event planners to capture the essence of an event. It really is an honor to be doing this work.

My wonderful clients include Firsthand Foods, Chocolatay ConfectionsTaste Carolina Food Tours, TerraVita Food & Drink Festival, Fullsteam BreweryNorth Carolina Department of Agriculture, Nellino's Sauces, Crude Bitters and Sodas, Kingfisher Bar.

Photography is an avenue of connection that helps businesses market what they do and reach potential customers. How can I help you connect with your clients or your audience?


My services include:

Food Photography

Product Photography

Food Styling

Head Shots

Event Photography

Food Photography Workshops


Head shot image by Lauren V. Allen, a wonderful friend and collaborator.